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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mixtape top 3 (right now)

1.Chris Brown & Tyga - Fan Of A Fan
Favorite Tracks- Im so raw, Im on it, Deuces, G Shit
Travis Porter - Proud 2 Be A Problem
Favorite tracks- Swallow the bottle, Travis Says, Over again
Favorite tracks- Welcome to the Trap, Yeah(ft, Lil Wayne), Once Upon A Time, Get yo girl

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Hey look What I wrote........

I think about humanity and how we coexist/

Like if we weren't made to fight why do we have fist/

you dont think about it because ignorance is bliss,

I want to feel this ignorance,but my life is such a b*tch, but i do love her,
just stress me out some time/

because these puzzling thoughts of mine
I wish all my ques
tions had a answer/

but the answers i wont know till i meet the master

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So I asked this......

we are flawed as humans, and every human has flaws. We were created that way. This has be the same since forever, Judas betrayed Jesus. Adam and Eve betrayed god. We all sin, we sin either purposely or on accident, but we sin. We sin knowing we are sinning in our heart, we know we are not right. We are created with Free-will meaning we know what we are doing, yet we continue to do it. Why? Why do we sin?