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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here we go...

The Topic is.....Trust

I'm not much of a writer but I felt my blog was empty and needed something to fill in. Here we go. First off, Trust is a bond that you can only share with some people. You really have to watch who you trust, because even those who you think are close to you, could possibly cross you. I don't wanna come off spiteful or anything,but Trust is not something that comes and goes, once you stop trusting a person that trust is most likely gone forever. You don't ever wanna trust someone that you know is not trustworthy. How could you trust a gossiper, how could you trust a snitch? Even if you think the person is your family, and always got your back, they are probably telling everything that you and them have talked about to a third entity.

Why risk it? Everyone wants someone they can truly trust and talk to, you just have to find that person, it may not be your mom, dad, brothers,sisters,cousins, ants and'or uncles but someone. If you don't find that someone, you could always trust yourself. You are the most trustworthy person to yourself.

Trust could be damaged, Time will only tell if it will heal or not.

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