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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poetry time!!!

Whats a hoe?
Please believe that i mean no offense
But a hoe is a woman that would spend her last cent
to get in V.I.P for a chance to get rich
thinking that a baller gone pay her bills and rent
so she sleep with a man that she see got a little bling
too bad she didn't see that he had a wedding ring
thinking that she gave him "some", he gone drop some dollars
she asked for his number he said he'll call her
no call
she cant even remember his name
its funny cause she thought she was the one running game
turns out she got played
and now she look like a fool
that baller was suppose to pay for medical school
and a college tuition for her child
ain't that wild
look like the final option is prostitution now
thats low, as low as she could go
and that is my definition of a hoe.

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